Meet our Volunteers

These are the amazing people who make VOBG the organization it is today

  • Ajla Selimic
    Ajla Selimic Volunteer
  • Alisa Mirza
    Alisa Mirza Volunteer
  • Amela Zukić
    Amela Zukić Volunteer
  • Ilvana Muratović
    Ilvana Muratović Volunteer
  • Esmeralda Kupusija
    Esmeralda Kupusija Volunteer
  • Semir Hasedzic
    Semir Hasedzic Volunteer
  • Latif Halilovic
    Latif Halilovic Volunteer
  • Salih Tutkur
    Salih Tutkur Volunteer
  • Amela Jazvin
    Amela Jazvin Volunteer
  • Ivona Ogramic
    Ivona Ogramic Volunteer

VOBG Volunteer Contributors

  • Nedžad Dučanović
    Nedžad Dučanović VOBG Contributor

    Nedzad Ducanovic is an active contributor to VOBG’s educational work and community outreach. Using his knowledge of Bosnian history and politics he contributes to research, design crafting, promotion, and marketing of VOBG events and is an ambassador for VOBG’s mission.