To preserve the memory of the Bosnian Genocide through commemoration and share that memory through education

About Us

Voices of the Bosnian Genocide is a Seattle-based nonprofit organization devoted to raising awareness and educating the public about the genocide that took place in Bosnia-Herzegovina in the 1990s and the ongoing effects that the genocide is having on Bosnia and the world. Our group is made up of individuals who are passionate about genocide education and prevention, human rights, and social justice.

We believe that by remembering the victims, educating the public, speaking up for those in danger, and working together with other activists we are contributing to creating a world free from genocide and human rights abuses. We invite you to explore this website to learn more about our group, connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, contact us over e-mail and social media, and join us in our efforts.


We are a team of dedicated young Americans who are passionate about human rights and social justice

  • Mirza Velagic
    Mirza Velagic President

    Mirza Velagic is a graduate from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry. He most recently worked for the Washington State Legislature as a Legislative Assistant for the House Higher Education Committee. Mirza is passionate about promoting education and awareness of the Bosnian Genocide

  • Adam Mirza
    Adam Mirza Vice-President

    Adam Mirza is an Engineering student at the University of Washington. Adam is a native to Washington and hopes to motivate the Bosnian – American youth to strive for a better community in America. As a member since 2011, Adam has helped organize and run the annual Bosnian Genocide Remembrance event

  • Sabina Sutkovic
    Sabina Sutkovic Chairman of Board

    Sabina Sutkovic is a software development Program Manager. She holds a Bachelor’s in Computer Engineering graduate from the University of Washington. She has been active in the Bosnian-American community since she migrated to the US in 1994. As a teenager, Sabina survived the Bosnian genocide, escaping the war with some members of her family. Sabina’s goal is to help raise awareness of the signs that lead to genocide so no other nation has to suffer as Bosnia. Sabina has been a key organizer of the Bosnian Genocide Programs since 2011

  • Zlatka Velagić
    Zlatka Velagić Secretary

    Zlatka Velagic is a graduate from the University of Washington with a Masters in Social Work. She works in the healthcare field with a focus in Geriatrics. Zlatka was born in Banja Luka and came to America as a refugee. She was inspired to work with the International Rescue Committee as an intern. She joined the Voices of the Bosnian Genocide in 2011 and is continuously involved in the education of social justice issues and genocide awareness. She was a keynote speaker for the 2011 Bosnian Genocide Remembrance Program

  • Jasmina Omerovic
    Jasmina Omerovic Treasurer

    Jasmina Omerovic is a lead teacher at a local preschool. She is greatly passionate about teaching and reading to young children. She hosted the Bosnian Commemoration event since 2011. She is an advocate for human rights and early education. Jasmina is one of the key leaders for visual content for the commemoration events.

  • Vahidin Memic
    Vahidin Memic Director of Technology

    Vahidin Memic was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and has been actively involved with the program since 2011. He holds a Masters of Business Administration degree with certification in Information Security. He currently works as a Senior Systems Engineer for a global IT security firm. Vahidin is the director of technology for the Voices of the Bosnian Genocide. He manages the development of the organization’s website with the latest technology updates and security implementations

  • Dalila Zelkanovic
    Dalila Zelkanovic Creative Director

    Dalila Zelkanović graduated from the University of Washington with a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Health. She now works as a public health professional for the local health department. In both her professional and personal life she finds enjoyment in serving the public. She aspires to help members of the community navigate the healthcare and educational systems- to eliminate the disparity of access to both healthcare and higher education. She joined the Voices of the Bosnian Genocide in 2013.


  • Admira Sejfić
    Admira Sejfić Trustee Member

    Admira Sejfic was born in Sarajevo. She survived the Siege of Sarajevo, after being severely injured at the age of 9 from a mortal shrapnel that lodged itself in critical parts of her brain. In spite of the tragic setback, she successfully completed a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and currently works for a local school district. Admira is one of the children who has lived through the genocide that impacted Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1992 to 1995. Since 2013, she has been an activist for her community in Washington, raising awareness about the Bosnian Genocide. She is a Trustee of VOBG.

  • Irfan Mirza
    Irfan Mirza Trustee Member

    Irfan is a world-class leader with demonstrated success in envisioning and landing transformation. He led a four-year transformation of Microsoft’s commercial capabilities in providing online and cloud services, resulting in $5.5 billion of annual revenue in FY 2015. As of today, Irfan stands as one of VOBG’s most influential mentors and continues to provide vision and guidance to VOBG’s team members.

  • Semira Sprecak
    Semira Sprecak Trustee

    Semira Sprecak is a graduate from the University of Washington with a degree in Political Science. Semira currently works for a revenue management company based in Puyallup, Washington. She serves as a political analyst and creative director for the Voices of the Bosnian Genocide