Bosnian History Exhibit in Canada

By Nizama Djuderija 

May 24, 2016

During this past weekend in Vancouver, Canada, I got to experience something that hasn’t been seen before by our community in North America. That is an exhibit entitled “The History of Bosnia-Herzegovina,” hosted by VoBG, and created by Irfan Mirza. The exhibit covers Bosnia’s history from the very beginning; our founding fathers from the Dinaric Alps made their way into every era. The exhibit, consisting of 20 large posters, highlights our complex, yet intriguing history, brought right up to the present day. The posters were different from what we’ve seen before when it came to summarizing Bosnia’s history. They are simple, yet detailed enough so anyone coming from any background could understand. This approach to history changes the outlook, in that Bosnia is known for its complex political and social groundings, yet the exhibit shines a light upon the power of culture, wisdom, and grit that Bosnia holds, no matter what has come at us.

Observing individuals steadily reading through the posters showed how mesmerizing and interesting our history truly is. Understanding its creative beginnings and the effects the last 20-25 years have had on our present day not only showed a side of war and conflict, but a well-rounded aspect of Bosnia as it is. As Irfan asked individuals about what the next step is for Bosnia, there was a thought process beginning through their held pause. Now with the complete picture of Bosnia-Herzegovina encircled within these posters, more creativity was sparked on new ways Bosnia can become the innovation it once was, before war and political strife.

This weekend showed me why I chose to be a part of VoBG. Presenting intellectual, critically analyzed ideas to our communities is the first step in the right direction for Bosnia. I am truly excited to see what the future holds for more individuals having the chance to walk through the exhibit.

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